Job posting suggests Apple is developing ‘new’ iCloud products

iOS's iCloud settings page

A recent job posting could suggest Apple is working towards making major improvements to iCloud.

In the aforementioned job post, which was first spotted by a Reddit user, the Cupertino, California tech giant says its “iCloud Human Interface team is seeking a senior product designer to work on new products and initiatives, and enhance existing experiences, for iCloud and Apple ID.”

Apple published the posting on July 9th. It does not appear the company has filled the position yet.

The iPhone maker says it’s looking for someone with five plus years of experience. The company also notes its ideal candidate will “advocate for the user while simultaneously understanding the interests of privacy, security, anti-fraud, marketing, and engineering groups, and be an effective diplomat and negotiation in working closely with these groups and others around the company.”

As AppleInsider notes, Apple has a major economic incentive to improve the quality and breadth of its iCloud services. During its most recent June quarter, services revenue increased by 31 percent year-over-year to $9.5 billion. With iPhone sales topping out, the company needs to further diversify its revenue sources.

Source: Apple  Via: Reddit, AppleInsider