Watch how advanced robotics make Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9: video

The video lends some insight into Samsung's automated manufacturing process

With the worldwide launch of the Galaxy Note 9 a mere day away, Samsung has uploaded a new video to its YouTube channel that offers a peek at how the company manufacturers its newest flagship smartphone.

The video offers a short tour of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 factory in Gumi, South Korea, a city near Daegu, the country’s fourth largest city. Unfortunately, there’s no narration explaining some of the processes and technology involved in manufacturing the Note 9.

However, the entire procedure appears almost identical to the one I saw at  LG’s Digital Park complex in Pyeongtaek, South Korea.

Advanced machines quickly and precisely mount components like displays to each smartphone. If there’s a difference between what I saw in-person at LG Digital Park and what’s on display in Samsung’s video, it’s that Samsung’s operation appears to feature more advanced automation.

One of the striking aspects of LG’s smartphone manufacturing process was that a lot of the work was done by hand, with workers taking on tasks like assembly and quality assurance testing.

Samsung could employ a significant amount of skilled labour as well, but may have decided to not highlight that in this video. After all, from a marketing perspective, it looks more impressive if the entire process is automated.

Source: Samsung