HTC Vive Wireless Adapter now available for pre-order in Canada

HTC Vive Pro

HTC has begun offering Canadian pre-orders for its Vive Wireless Adapter.

The Vive VR headset accessory, powered by Intel’s WiGig, offers a tetherless and responsive VR experience with a battery life of up to 2.5 hours.

The Adapter also supports a 6m x 6m (20ft x 20ft) play area capable of fitting up to two other Wireless Adapter-equipped Vive headsets for multiplayer experiences.

The Vive Wireless Adapter will come packaged with a battery, battery belt clip, USB cable, VIVE 3-in-1 short cable, PCI-e WiGig card, wireless Link Box and a two-month Viveport subscription.

The Adapter will cost $399.99 CAD and can be pre-ordered here.

A $79.99 attachment kit is required for the Wireless Adapter to work with the Vive Pro.

Note that there is an estimated shipping cost of $20-$28 for Canadian orders.

Shipments will begin later this month.