‘Hop’ on a cheap flight with Hopper [App of the Week]

Hopper can also hook you up with deals on hotels

Hopper on iOS and Android

If you’re already dreading winter and searching for a warm escape, Hopper will help you fly for less.

Founded in Montreal, Hopper is a powerful tool that watches flight prices for you and tells you when to buy.

It’s worth noting that we’ve previously covered Hopper for App of the Week. We thought it would be worth revisiting because a lot can change in three years.

While Hopper has changed, its core functionality remains the same.

At its centre, Hopper is a predictive algorithm that suggests when to buy tickets for flights. The company boasts 95 percent accuracy up to one year in advance.

Hopper price prediction

For users, it’s simple. Select the airport you’re flying from and the destination — then select the dates. This part is really handy, as Hopper’s colour-coded calendar makes it easy to see when prices inflate, like in March.

Once you’ve picked your dates, Hopper will watch the prices and advise you when you buy. It gives solid breakdowns as well, such as predicting price fluctuations that might benefit you.

In one of my tests, Hopper said the prices would drop in the next few days, saving me close to $100 on a flight to Hawaii. However, the app warned prices would jump up on the fourth day.

Book hotels and homes

Users can now book hotels through Hopper as well. The feature appears to be available to iOS users only at the moment. Hotel browsing is easy and convenient, as the app includes price comparisons and reviews from other users.

Furthermore, Hopper offers an Airbnb-like experience with Hopper Homes. Described as a “one-of-a-kind space inspired by locals,” Hopper Homes include all the comforts of home and other amenities. This includes things like surfboards, beach bags, local snacks and more.

Hopper Homes

Users can take 3D room walkthroughs and watch Instagram Story-like slideshows of the property or hotel room. It’s a great way to get a feel for where you’re planning to stay.

Finally, Hopper has had a bit of a makeover since we last looked at it. The interface is filled with thoughtful, cartoony illustrations of cityscapes and airports. Additionally, I really like the suspicious bunny that pops up when the app thinks you should wait for a better deal.

Overall, Hopper looks to be a great option for travellers. It makes it easy to plan flights and book hotels. Furthermore, it helps you find the best deals by advising you when you buy.

Hopper is free and is available on both iOS and Android.