Chrome team developing new Chromebox codenamed ‘Kalista’

Kalista is also a baseboard reference model

Asus Chromebox via Newegg

A recent commit on the Chromium Gerrit, a collaboration tool used by Chrome developers, revealed the team is working on a new Chromebox.

Codenamed ‘Kalista,’ the commit indicated the device would be a Chromebox. It appears that the device won’t have a keyboard or backlight, suggesting it’s a Chromebox.

Chromium Gerrit comment on Kalista

Unfortunately, we don’t know much more beyond that. However, reports indicate Kalista will be a Kaby Lake Chromebox and make use of the speedier NVMe storage type.

So far, the most notable revelation about Kalista is that it’s a ‘baseboard.’ Baseboards are reference boards that companies replicate for several devices. For example, a 2017 baseboard named ‘Coral’ spawned more than 40 devices.

Kalista will be the first Chromebox oriented baseboard since ‘Fizz,’ which generated the 2018 generation of Chromeboxes. However, Fizz used Kaby Lake chips as well. It isn’t clear why the developers are branching out another Kaby Lake baseboard.

Some speculated that Kalista will be for alternative form factors, like the ultra-compact ‘Chromebits‘ that look like a USB stick.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about Kalista soon. I’m curious to see what unique form factors companies will use Kalista for.

Image credit: Newegg

Source: Chromium Gerrit Via: XDA Developers