Trick or treat, Google Assistant has 13 Halloween-themed easter eggs

Ok Google, scare me

To help its users get into the trick or treating mood, Google Assistant now has roughly 15 Halloween specific commands and responses.

It looks like Google has doubled down on the spooky responses this year since it only had a few themed answers last October. This year there are 13 questions/commands to ask the assistant.

  • Are you celebrating Halloween?
  • Boo!
  • Do you know any scary stories?
  • Happy Halloween
  • Scare me
  • Trick or treat
  • What are you going to be for Halloween?
  • What should I wear for Halloween?
  • Do you have any Monster finding tips?
  • I want to hear something Spooky/give em a Halloween sound.
  • Tell me a Halloween Joke
  • Tell me a Halloween fact

There are even a few standard question/commands that have been given a festive spin.

  • How are you?
  • Hey
  • What’s your name?
  • What do you look like?
  • What’s up?

Google Assistant has always had a sense of humour. When the Canadian version of the assistant launched, it came with a handful of funny Canadian questions like, “What is your favourite kind of chip?” and the answer, of course, is ketchup.

Source: Android Police