Bell Media’s CraveTV highlights 4/20 friendly content for legalization day

If you want to laugh at stoned people or learn about the drug, CraveTV has something cannabis-related for everyone

Bell Media’s over the top streaming service CraveTV is highlighting a variety of marijuana-related shows and movies to celebrate Canada legalizing cannabis.

To mark the occasion, CraveTV has added three new shows from Vice: Bong Appetit, Weediquette and Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.

Overall, this loads 22 different shows and movies that touch on cannabis into CraveTV’s 4/20 section. The content ranges from modern stoner comedies like Workaholics and Broad City to documentaries such as Extreme Drug Smuggling and The Sixties: Sex, Drugs, Rock N’ Roll.

Netflix Canada is also pushing some classic stoner content with a tweet that recommends cannabis-culture shows and movies, such as Harold and Kumar, a handful of Seth Rogan masterpieces and more.

Not to be left out of the party, Spotify has also added a ‘Happy October 17th’ section on its homepage that includes playlists like ‘Stoner Rock’ and ‘This is Bob Marley.’ Apple Music is also featuring a ‘Stoner Rock’ playlist on my account’s homepage, but it’s unclear if everyone gets different recommendations there.

Visit CraveTV’s 4/20 section to . 

Source: Bell Media