Learn About Cryptocurrencies, Wallets, and Exchanges with This $13 CAD Course

In December of 2017, Bitcoin prices reached an unprecedented high, with the market crashing shortly after. Because of this, many believe that cryptocurrency isn’t a stable avenue towards financial success, but this doesn’t mean you can’t earn cryptocurrency as a side-hustle. If you’re interested in learning the ins and outs of cryptocurrency, this $13.03 CAD course by top instructor Chris Haroun is for you.

Chris Haroun is an MBA professor, author, and former Goldman Sachs employee who has shifted his focus on the emergence of cryptocurrency and how it affects our economy. His Complete Cryptocurrency Course bundles 5 courses into a single package and teaches everything you need to know about cryptocurrency, including the types of currencies, wallets, and exchanges on the market, as well as how to mine and invest these currencies. The course also includes hands-on training with Excel exercises so that you can practice your new skills before investing actual money into the market.

The Complete Cryptocurrency Course normally costs $260.83 CAD [$199.99 USD], but you can buy it from MobileSyrup deals for $13.03 CAD [$9.99 USD], or 95% off.


The Complete Cryptocurrency Course Feat. Chris Haroun – $9.99

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