Android One phones running Pie can use Digital Wellbeing now

Hopefully we'll see Digital Wellbeing come to other devices soon

Digital Wellbeing app icon

Android One users can now test out Google’s Digital Wellbeing app.

The app helps break down phone usage habits by showing how much time you spend in a specific app.

The ‘What’s New’ section on the Play Store listing now says Android One devices running Android 9.0 Pie can use the app. Previously the feature was limited to Pixel phones. However,

Right now, the only Android One phones running Pie are the Nokia 7 Plus and the 6.1 Plus (if you’re using the Pie beta on it). Unfortunately, neither of those devices are available in Canada right now.

Despite the limited availability of Digital Wellbeing, it’s important to remember the app is still a beta. Google is slowly expanding its test range for it. Hopefully, that range extends further in the coming months.

Source: Android Police