Tesla’s new Model 3 trim option costs $58,800 before incentives

Tesla is starting to get closer to the fabled $35,000 USD Model 3

Tesla Model 3 on road

Electric car manufacturer Tesla’s entry-level vehicle, the Model 3, is now on sale for a base price of $58,800 CAD before incentives.

The Model 3 was announced as a consumer-level electric car that would start at $35,000 USD (roughly, $45,843 CAD). Tesla has still been unable to hit that lower price point, but the $58,000 trim is a step in the right direction.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the new car option on through an October 18th, 2018 tweet.

The entry-level vehicle trim has a mid-range engine and a maximum range of 418 kilometres. The new trim also has a top speed of 201 kilometres-per-hour.

The car costs approximately $52,100 with incentives and rebates, but those electric vehicle rebates are only available in Quebec and British Columbia.

Musk followed up his tweet with another that said “Tesla rear-wheel drive cars do actually work well on snow and ice. We did our traction testing on an ice lake!”

Musk’s comments are reassuring for anyone wondering how a rear-wheel drive Model 3 would stand up to a Canadian winter.

The Model 3 is also available in a dual motor all-wheel drive trim, with a range of 499km. However, the cost of the base model all-wheel drive trim before incentives is $70,700 CAD.

Customers looking to buy a 499 km range Model 3 with rear-wheel drive instead can order one “off menu for another week or so,” according to a tweet from Musk.

Source: Tesla Via: Engadget