Facebook Messenger 4 update rolling out in the coming weeks

Facebook Messenger app on phone

Facebook is releasing a new simplified version of Messenger called Messenger 4. This version will roll out globally over the next few weeks.

The new version of the messaging platform only features three tabs, ‘Chats’ for both one-to-one and groups, a ‘People’ tab to find friends, look at Stories and to view who is online. Lastly, the ‘Discover’ tab connects with businesses, plays Instant Games and more, according to Facebook.

With Messenger 4, you can change the conversation gradient of different contacts, which allows for different colour chat bubbles in conversations. The updated app will even save previous colour chat bubbles, so users will be able to see exactly when they changed their contact’s chat bubbles.

While Facebook plans to release the update globally in the new few weeks, other changes are releasing soon afterwards, such as Dark Mode.