Google limits Pixel 3 to 5W charging standard for third-party wireless chargers

Pixel 3

The Pixel 3 and 3 XL are the first of Google’s handsets to include Qi wireless charging.

With the Pixel Stand, Google’s new smartphone charges at 10W. However, it seems Google is limiting the Pixel 3’s charging speed to 5W with all third-party wireless chargers.

According to an Android Police reader, even with a 10W Anker wireless charger, the Pixel 3 still only receives a maximum of 500mA with the charger.

Android Police also reached out to Google who told the publication, due to a “secure handshake,” the Pixel 3 charges at 10W on the Pixel Stand, but that third-party wireless chargers are limited to 5W.

The Pixel 3 will also continue to say ‘rapid charging,’ even when connected to a third-party wireless charger.

This seems misleading as the device takes longer to charge with the third-party wireless charger. This is unfortunate because with the Pixel Stand, the phone already takes over two hours to charge.

So if you want to rapid charge your Pixel, the Pixel Stand costs a pricey $109 CAD.

Source: Android Police