Google Pixel Night Sight APK is now available to download

If you’re an eager person like myself and can’t wait for the Night Sight feature on your Pixel handset, here’s a guide to help you out.

There’s now an APK available to download the Google Camera’s latest feature. XDA Senior Member ‘Cstark27’ created the APK, however, like all APKs, download at your own risk.

Download the APK, here. The file works on all Pixel devices.

It will, however, also create a new camera app on your device called ‘Camera P3,’ something to take note of.

After you’ve downloaded and installed the app, to access Night Sight head to your new camera app, swipe over to the more option, and tap on the half moon ‘Night’ button.

Now when taking pictures at night, the device will request that you hold the phone still for a few seconds then view the result. Similar to Huawei’s flagships, if the Pixel 3 believes that Night Sight needs to be turned on, the handset will suggest it within the camera app. Night Sight should dramatically increase the brightness without causing blurriness or loss of detail.

We have yet to test out the feature, however, we’ll update the post with a few pictures soon. When using Night Sight pictures should turn out like this:

Night Sight

Source: XDA Developers