Why NordVPN blows every other VPN out of the water

Using the Internet without a VPN is like securing your house with a screen door – extremely dangerous. Whether you’re a master criminal or Mother Teresa, you need to keep your private data private. That’s why you need a good VPN like NordVPN.

This highly-rated VPN (5/5 stars from CNET, PC Mag, and TrustPilot) comes with a two-year subscription that lets you bypass Internet browsing restrictions and experience private, unrestricted Internet nirvana. NordVPN double encrypts everything with double data SSL-based 2048-bit encryption and works with any Internet connection—including public Wi-Fi hotspots and cellular networks.

NordVPN never logs anything and if your VPN connection ever drops, NordVPN instantly shuts down your site so none of your data will be revealed. And with 3,521 worldwide server locations across 61 countries, you’ll rarely experience drops.

A two-year subscription to NordVPN normally costs $375.27 CAD, but you can get it for just $125.29 CAD.