Anker announces Nebula Capsule II 720p Android TV portable projector

Anker Nebula

Accessory manufacturer Anker has revealed plans to release the Nebula Capsule II, the second-generation version of the company’s tiny portable projector.

According to the Nebula Capsule II’s spec sheet, the device’s resolution has been bumped up to 1280 x 720 pixels (720p), up from the previous version of the device’s 854 x 480 pixel resolution (480p).

Rather than a forked version of Android, the new Nebula is powered by Android TV, allowing the projector to feature Google Assistant integration. Further, Anker says that the new Nebula also brings improved audio performance to the pop can-sized projector.

The new Nebula is currently priced at $349 USD (approximately $456 CAD) on Kickstarter for ‘Super Early Bird Pricing,’ with ‘Early Bird’ pricing coming in $369 (about $480 CAD). I’ve been using the first-generation Nebula projector for the last few months to watch Netflix, Plex and also to cast content to the device.

While I initially assumed I wouldn’t be able to stand the device because it outputs video at 480p, I quickly forgot about the first-generation Nebula’s shortcomings. Given I live in a one bedroom+den apartment, it’s nearly impossible for me to fit a television in my bedroom without the furniture layout becoming cramped.

The first-generation Nebula thankfully solved this problem since it’s capable of easily projecting on any surface. I just place it on my bed’s headboard and project video to the adjacent wall.

Along with the Nebula II, Anker also revealed the PowerPort Atom PD 1, a device the company says is “the world’s smallest power delivery wall charger.’ The Atom PD 1 features 27W, along with 100 – 240v.

The PD 1’s release date is unknown but will be priced at $29 USD (approximately $37 CAD).

Further, Anker showed off the Model Zero+ Bluetooth speaker with built-in Google Assistant, five hours of battery life and Dolby Audio integration. The regular version of the Model Zero is a standard Bluetooth speaker with 10 hours of battery life.

Anker says the speaker will launch towards the end of November at $199 ($260 CAD) for the Model Zero and $249 (about $329 CAD) for the Model Zero+.