Learn how to make better TPS reports with this Microsoft Office bundle

If you walk into any type of office today, the one program that you’ll see everyone using is Microsoft Excel. From dentists to coders to maple syrup distributors, Microsoft Office is an essential tool in the modern workplace. Learning Office can be challenging, but you can quickly become an Office expert with The Microsoft Office Mastery Lifetime Bundle.

This seven-course bundle covers all of the popular Office programs. You’ll learn basic skills like word processing (Word), spreadsheets (Excel), presentations (PowerPoint), and email management (Outlook). You’ll also learn how to use more advanced tools like PivotTables and SharePoint to make it easy to collaborate with your coworkers. Whether you’re an Office newbie or an experienced pro, this bundle will help you level up your skills and become an Office guru.

The Microsoft Office Mastery Lifetime Bundle normally costs $2,289.97 CAD but you can get it for just $37.95 CAD.