Ubisoft Canada announces ‘FAM’ exclusive program for Canadians

The program will highlight Canadian creators while offering exclusive content, experiences and rewards to Canadians

Ubisoft Canada is launching a new exclusive program for Canadian gamers called ‘FAM.’

The company released a promotional video for the new program. Despite a lack of details at the moment, Ubisoft Canada says you can expect to see more personalized content from Canadian fans in the coming weeks.

Furthermore, the company says ‘FAM’ is an initiative to get closer with the gaming community, its “family.”

Users can expect special content created exclusively for Canadian fans, as well as experiences and rewards specifically for Canadians.

Additionally, the company invited creators to join a couple of Facebook groups for fans.

The first group, called ‘Creator’s Corner,’ is for fan artists, cosplayers and content creators of “any kind.”

The other group is for Rainbow Six Seige. Called the ‘Canada Siege Club,’ it’s a place for fans of the competitive hit shooter to discuss anything Siege.

Its great to see Ubisoft focussing on the Canadian gamer community in this way, and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of the FAM initiative.