Halide’s upcoming update includes Portrait Mode for pets on iPhone XR

Taking pretty pet pictures just got a lot easier

Taking pictures of animals and objects with Portrait Mode will soon be possible on the iPhone XR by using the camera app, ‘Halide.’

Halide is a premium camera app for iOS that attempts to make mobile photography better for professional photographers.

With Halide’s upcoming update users will be able to take Portrait Mode shots of everything, not just people.

Not being able to take Portrait Mode pictures of animals was a cause of frustration amongst iPhone users who wanted to take bokeh photos of their pets.

Notably, the app can capture RAW images and force the iPhone’s camera to shoot pictures in slightly different ways. To learn more about how Halide improves the camera on iOS devices check out the company’s blog post here. 

Halide isn’t cheap, however, as users will have to dish out $8.49 CAD for it on the App Store.

Source: Halide, Via: 9to5Mac

Image Credit: Halide