Jobs in the Canadian tech sector are booming: report

Canada's tech sector isn't so underrated anymore

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The Canadian tech industry has been growing for years, and a recent report done by Global News suggests that it’s absolutely booming.

The report begins by mentioning that tech companies are increasingly offering the country’s top graduates entry-level positions with $100,000 CAD salaries.

According to John Ward at IT World Canada, the unemployment rate for IT professionals in Canada is at one percent.

These positions aren’t traditional technology help-desk positions, Ward is talking about more high-level STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) jobs like the computer sciences, data analytics and more.

According to Global News, what is driving the salaries up is competition from companies ranging from startups to large corporations trying to grab the top tech talent.

Even the job hunting website Indeed.com is posting a significant rise in AI-based jobs in Canada compared to 2017.

Most of these jobs don’t hit that glorious $100,00 sweet spot, but the salary floor for most junior level data-scientists is around $80,000, says a data scientist named Colin Fraser at CHIMP, a Vancouver-based online company for donating to charity who spoke to Global News.

While these jobs sound sweet and making that much money right out of school is every graduate’s dream, there are some downsides to that type of employment.

Source: Global News