Bell, Telus beat Rogers in latest ‘State of Mobile Video’ report: OpenSignal

Bell and Telus both tied with a score of 61.40 and 61.91 out of 100, while Rogers claimed a score of 57.86

Montreal-based national carrier Bell and Vancouver-based national carrier Telus provide Canadians with the best mobile video experience, according to OpenSignal’s State of Mobile Video report published in September 2018.

Though Bell received an impressive score of 61.40 out of 100 points, Telus managed to eke out a victory with a score of 61.91 out of 100.

Toronto-based national carrier Rogers achieved a score of 57.86, losing to its two primary wireless competitors.

According to OpenSignal’s analysis, all three carriers’ scores fell within the wireless coverage analytics company’s ‘Good’ range.

OpenSignal attributed Telus’s and Bell’s successful performance due to both carriers’ overall network speeds.

Telus achieved 4G LTE download speeds of 51.05Mbps, while Bell came in second place with speeds of 42.41Mbps, in OpenSignal’s August 2018 State of Mobile Networks: Canada report.

Rogers placed third overall, with 4G LTE download speeds of 32.77Mbps.

According to OpenSignal’s global State of Mobile Video report published in September 2018, Canada’s mobile video quality placed 30th overall, scoring 59.93 out of a possible 100 points.