Google celebrates Halloween with doodle game, Assistant interactions

Duke it out with up to seven other players in the 'Great Ghoul Duel'

Google Doodle

Google’s got a Halloween doodle on its website that turns into a ghostly game of capture the flag.

The search giant’s Halloween celebration pits two teams of four ghosts (represented by green and purple) against each other. The goal in the Great Ghoul Duel is to collect ‘spirit flames’ and bring them back to your home base.

Scattered across a dark, maze-like map, spirit flames will follow your ghost when collected. They form a long trail behind you and disappear when you bring them back to home base.

However, other players can steal them from you if their ghost crosses your tail, so watch out.

Games run for two minutes, and whichever team collects the most points wins. As a bonus, players who earn lots of points receive power-ups like speed boosts and night vision.

You can play the game on either desktop or mobile. The former uses the mouse or arrow keys to move, and the latter uses a touchscreen joystick.

Additionally, you can play with random people or host a game. Hosting gives you a special link you can share with friends so they can join your game.

The Great Ghoul Duel runs on Google’s Cloud Platform and utilizes Open Match, an open source matchmaking platform co-founded by Google Cloud and Unity.

Google also added several new Halloween interactions to Google Assistant., which you can check out below:

Google Assistant’s spooky interactions

  • “What should I be for Halloween?” (This supposedly triggers a quiz, but it didn’t work for me. It may not be available in Canada.)
  • “Get directions to the nearest pumpkin patch.”
  • “Add Halloween candy to my shopping list.”
  • “Trick or treat.”
  • “Share facts about monsters.”
  • “What does a werewolf sound like?”
  • “What does a ghost sound like?”
  • “Share facts about monsters?”

Source: Google Via: 9to5 Google