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Anyone who’s been in a modern workplace will tell you that big projects rarely get done. Between laziness, personality clashes, and last-minute pivots, the fact that anything ever ships is a miracle. Good project managers are rare and needed more than ever, but you can easily become one with The All-Inclusive Project Management Bundle.

This comprehensive 100-course bundle will introduce you to the nuts and bolts of project management so you can leverage your skills into a new, lucrative career. You’ll learn about popular workflows like Agile, Lean, and Scrum so you can ship quality products on time. You’ll also learn about more technical subjects like performance analysis and Total Quality Management (TQM). By the time you’re finished, you’ll have what it takes to successfully manage projects and earn a cushy six-figure salary.

The All-Inclusive Project Management Bundle normally costs $2213.37 CAD, but you can get it for just $24.75 CAD.