Google globally rolls out emoji-style Mini stickers on Gboard

Google is helping users make custom emoji


Google is rolling out globally its user-customizable, emoji-style Mini stickers for Gboard. The feature was first announced back in August as a server-side update only available to certain users.

After taking a selfie, the “emoji Minis” as Google refers to them use Google’s machine learning to suggest skin tone, hairstyle and accessories.

Users can then choose their own hair colour, facial hair or a variety of eyewear or head coverings. Emoji Minis users can also add freckles or wrinkles to their stickers.

With the Mini sticker emojis, users can also get access to a selection of emoji that look more like they do.

“With Mini emojis, redheads (and other hair types) won’t just get a single redheaded emoji, but instead a selection of redheaded options, including redheaded zombies ?, redheaded mages ? and redheaded shruggies ?,” reads an excerpt from an October 30th, 2018 Google media release.

Emoji Minis roll out today in all Gboard languages and countries on both iOS and Android.

Source: Google