iOS 12 is now installed on 60 percent of all Apple devices

The update got a boost from the iPhone XR release

iOS 12

iOS 12 was released about a month and a half ago, and 60 percent of all Apple devices are using it already.

Apple provided the stats via its App Store support page. The company measured the numbers through the App Store on October 29th. Last time it measured installation numbers was October 10th.

Furthermore, Apple added a new breakdown to the iOS installations. Along with seeing the installations across all iOS devices, we can also see the installation numbers for devices released in the last four years.

iOS distribution numbers

The numbers aren’t much different, with 63 percent on iOS 12 and 30 percent on iOS 11. Earlier versions of iOS have seven percent of the install base.

When we look at all devices, iOS 12 drops to 60 percent of the installs, with iOS 11 clocking in at 29 percent and earlier versions at 11 percent.

On the 10th, 53 percent of devices released in the last four years ran iOS 12. In other words, iOS 12 has seen 10 percent growth over two and a half weeks.

Granted, Apple released the iPhone XR in the time frame. Considering it ships with iOS 12 preinstalled, it could cause a significant portion of that jump.

Moreover, we’ll likely see a further increase when Apple next measures the install base thanks to iOS 12.1. The new update added several features, including 70 new emoji, support for Group FaceTime and performance management for last year’s iPhones.

Source: Apple Via: MacRumors