Fido win-back deal may get you an iPhone X for $99 on a $60 5GB plan

The deal is only available to former Fido customers

iPhone X

Fido is reportedly offering a win-back deal to former customers that gets them an iPhone X on a $60 per month plan for $99.

According to RedFlagDeals user ‘RFDler,’ the plan gives users 5GB of data, along with unlimited Canda-wide calling and texting.

The iPhone X will cost $399 but RFDler, who took advantage of the offer, says you’ll get a second-month bill credit of $300, effectively making the phone $99.

Further, there’s a $75 10GB offer as well.

To take advantage of the deal, you must be a former Fido customer. RFDler noted that to get the deal, you must call 1-855-343-6946 and leave a voicemail explaining that you’d like to return to Fido. The RedFlagDeals user said they typically call back within 24 hours.

Other users supported RFDler in the comments, citing their own success. Additionally, some said they could choose other phones. One user reported getting a Galaxy S9 for $0 on the same $60 plan. However, they stressed everyone’s mileage might vary, and that the deal only seems available for former Fido customers.

If you haven’t been a Fido customer or if you are an existing Fido customer, you likely won’t get the deal.

Source: Red Flag Deals