Twitter now testing chronological feeds with some iOS users

Testing is only taking place among a "small number" of iOS users, however


Twitter has announced that it has begun testing a feature that lets users switch to a chronological feed.

Currently, Twitter uses a ‘Show the best tweets first’ feature to highlight tweets it thinks are most relevant to users. Additionally, Twitter displays an ‘In case you missed it’ section that pulls up older tweets, sometimes from many hours ago.

In response to complaints over this structuring of the feed, Twitter announced in September that it would soon allow users to change between this setup and the ‘reverse chronological’ option that was offered up until two years ago. The new tests are part of this initiative, although they are currently only being run among “a small number” of iOS users, according to Twitter.

In a follow-up tweet, Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey asked for feedback on the new chronological feature.

It’s currently unclear which users are being selected for the testing or if testing will expand to additional users on iOS or Android.