OCS continues to apologize for shipping delay, says some cannabis orders were mislabelled

The Ontario Cannabis Store has processed over 150,000 legal orders of cannabis since going live on October 17th.

After a week of shipping delays, mainly caused by ‘unprecedented demand’ and the ‘complications related to rotating strikes at Canada Post,’ those who ordered slowly received their cannabis.

Patrick Ford, President of the OCS, stated in a message to customers that “we continue to ask for the public’s patience as we work through these unprecedented issues. OCS is committed to the highest standard of customer service.”


Late last night, another apology note was sent to customers who were still waiting for their week. The subject line was titled, ‘Sincere apologies on product delivery delays,’ and this time the excuse was not the amount of orders or Canada Post, but mislabelled products.

“We are writing to give you an update on your order XXXX. Some of the items we received from Health Canada-authorized licensed producers (LPs) were mislabelled and unfortunately this delayed our ability to ship your order to you, with the correct products you ordered. The OCS has been working closely with LPs to update them on this issue and has taken steps to ensure all new inventory received has this corrected,” said the email.

The OCS said it is working to resolve this issue the weed will be “shipped in the coming days.”