Level 30 trainers and above can now use Pokémon Go Adventure Sync

It seems like Niantic is rolling out these feature in level-based waves

Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go trainers that are level 30 and above can now use the game’s Adventure Sync feature to track their movements while the app is running in the background.

Earlier this week level 35 and 40 trainers were invited to test out the feature, and now Niantic is expanding to include level 30 players.

To turn on Adventure Sync you have to connect to Google Fit or Apple Health. You can enable the feature by tapping on the ‘Pokéball icon’ then diving into the game’s settings, and turning on Adventure Sync.

When you enable Adventure Sync you get a bit of extra fitness data in the game. The game tracks how many steps you take in a week, how many candies you find, eggs you hatch, and more. Further, walking more gets you prizes like berries for walking far distances.

To learn more about the feature check out Niantic’s support page here. 

Source: Niantic