Amazon Alexa can now help find calendar availability, send you reminders

Skills can access reminders to keep you up to date on important things

Amazon Echo 2nd Gen

Amazon has loaded up Alexa with some handy new productivity features for the holiday season.

Centred around scheduling and reminding, users can keep on top of everything going into the holiday season.

For one, Alexa can now help users find free time in their calendar. You can ask Alexa questions like “When do I have free time this weekend?” or “When do I have thirty minutes available on Tuesday?”

Alexa will look up available times in your calendar and let you know.

Additionally, you can customize your daily routine with calendars now. For example, when you set up your good morning routine, you can add calendar as an action.

Then, when you say “Alexa, good morning,” Alexa will read off your calendar events for the day, along with other actions you add like weather and traffic information.

You can also set up this feature at a scheduled time, so you don’t have to say a custom phrase.

Finally, there’s a new reminders API that lets developers add reminders for important events. For example, the Kayak skill can remind users of an upcoming flight or the NHL skill can warn users when their favourite team is about to play.

Hopefully, these new skills from Amazon can help you be more productive this holiday season with Alexa.