Amazon offering $5 credit to customers using its app for the first time

This could help with that upcoming Black Friday shopping

A recent RedFlagDeals post explains that users who have never signed into an Amazon app before can get a free $5 credit.

Sadly enough, this deal only works for users who have never used the Amazon shopping app on iOS or Android before.

If you’ve never used an Amazon app before all you need to do is sign into the app, and a $5 credit will be emailed to the associated account. If you’re unsure if your account qualifies you can use Amazon’s tool to determine if you’re eligible.

The offer can be redeemed until January 1st, 2019 at 2:59 am ET/12:00 am PT, and the credits last until January 31st.

In addition, while our friends in the United States is receiving free shipping on all products purchased through Amazon, even if they do not have a Prime Membership, we Canadians are not as fortunate. Amazon Canada has informed us that the offer is only valid in the United States.

Either way, this deal could help you get a leg up on your holiday shopping if you combine it with a deal from Amazon’s Black Friday deals page.