Bluetooth certification suggests AirPods 2 are on the way

The long rumoured headphones are getting closer to release


It seems Apple’s next generation of AirPods has passed Bluetooth SIG certification, suggesting that the new earbuds could release soon.

The listing shows that the device number for the headphones will be ‘A2031’ and ‘A2032.’ It also displays Bluetooth 5.0 as the standard for connection. The current pair of AirPods only features Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility.

The leaked Bluetooth classification doesn’t give away much, but numerous rumours suggest that the new AirPods might have some sort of biometric feature. This means that the earbuds could be used for a heart-rate monitoring or a different form of activity tracking.

Along with this, hands-free Siri activation and wireless charging have been long rumoured for the second iteration of the headphones

Source: MySmartPrice