Netflix hackathon creates eye tracking option for iOS app

Netflix recently shared the various fresh ideas that came out of the streaming giant’s recent internal hackathon.

The most interesting hack is called ‘Eye Nav,’ which utilizes the iPhone X’s and iPhone XS’ the Face ID TrueDepth camera system to track the user’s eyes and other facial features.

When the hack is in use, there is a yellow circle cursor on the screen that shows you where you’re looking and what you’re selecting. It measures the amount of time you’re looking at a specific movie, and if you look at it long enough, it automatically enters that screen.

Then, by sticking out your tongue, it goes back.

There’s no mention if this functionality will ever actually become a feature in Netflix’s iOS app in the future, but the streaming giant mentions that it’s “hopeful that this kind of technology will become a part of mainstream Accessibility APIs in the future.”

Source: Netflix