Why every Mac needs a PDF editor

PDFs are the best way to lock documents, but it still isn’t possible to edit them with built-in Mac software. This might not seem like a big deal, but when someone sends you a contract with a typo, or when you want to rework a complete section of a document, you’re out of luck. That’s why you need an app that unlocks PDFs and lets you edit them quickly and easily, like PDF Expert for Mac.

This award-winning software (Apple Editors’ Choice, 2015 “App of the Year” Runner Up in Mac App Store) allows you to edit PDF text, images, links, and outlines. Files open instantly whether they are small attachments or 2,000-page reports, and can be shared with any Mac, iPhone, or iPad. You can also use PDF Expert to fill out PDFs, annotate PDFs, merge PDFs, and password-protect sensitive documents.

PDF Expert for Mac normally costs $104.71 CAD, but you can get it for just $26.17 CAD.