Google ARCore update reveals codename of possible upcoming Pixel handset


An APK teardown of Google’s latest ARCore update has revealed the codenames of possible upcoming Pixel handsets.

The teardown, performed by Android Police, specifically reveals the names of two specific unannounced Google handsets,  ‘Bonito,’ the codename of a rumoured unannounced midrange Pixel phone, and ‘Sargo’ a completely new handset.

It’s unclear what exactly Sargo is, however, it’s quite typical for Google to be using fish codenames for its Pixel devices.

Sargo is a relatively small fish, so it’s unclear if this is the codename for the Pixel 4 or a budget-friendly Pixel device. Bonito was the codename for the midrange Pixel handset, though the phone was never released.

It’s possible that Google could still release Bonito in 2019, though the company’s plans for the smartphone remain unclear.

Source: Android Police