iPhone XR to get Haptic Touch expanded notifications in iOS 12.1.1

An iPhone XS 3D Touch feature is also coming to the XR via Haptic Touch

iPhone XR camera

One of the notable differences between Apple’s iPhone XS and XR is the latter phone’s lack of 3D Touch to offer different uses depending on how hard the screen is pressed down on.

As a compromise, the XR does feature Haptic Touch to offer some 3D Touch-like functionality without the more premium hardware.

One of these 3D Touch features coming to Haptic Touch is expanded notifications, according to a new report from 9to5Mac.

As part of the iOS 12.1.1 beta, iPhone XR users will be able to long-press on a notification banner to see more.

It’s worth noting that, as first pointed out by 9t05Mac, this same long-press feature already included in iPads, even though Apple’s tablets don’t actually have the XR’s Haptic Touch technology. That said, 3D Touch-like features still won’t be coming to older iPhones.

Expanded notifications will come to all XR users once iOS 12.1.1 rolls out publicly, although Apple hasn’t yet confirmed when that will happen.