Sneaker app GOAT uses AR to spice up Black Friday contest

Users can visit unique, historical sneaker culture locations to earn entry tickets

GOAT app icon

Sneaker marketplace GOAT is using Apple’s ARKit to spice up its Black Friday drawing with augmented reality.

The Black Friday drawing gives customers a chance to win up to $10,000 in GOAT credit, as well as opportunities to purchase rare sneakers at or below retail price. Some lucky customers may even win free sneakers.

Participants in the Black Friday drawing get 100 tickets that they can use to enter various draws. To earn more tickets, they can use GOAT’s map to explore sneaker culture worldwide and share location-activated AR objects.

Developed using Apple’s ARKit, GOAT’s shareable AR experience features five 3D, interactive models that superimpose a ‘Greatest Of All Time’ graphic on the real world.

Additionally, users can also view stationary, life-like newspapers with articles highlighting special moments in sneaker history.

Those looking to participate can download the Goat app for iOS and Android. The contest will run until November 22, 2018, and GOAT will notify winners on November 23rd.