The Unobrush fully brushes your teeth in six seconds [Sticky or Not]

This smart toothbrush promises rapid teeth cleaning without sacrificing thoroughness

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Smart technology is all the rage nowadays. You name it and there’s probably a ‘smart’ version of it.

In terms of oral care, there are some smart toothbrushes on the market, like the Colgate E1 or Philips’ Sonicare Diamondclean.

But Copenhagen-based Unobrush says it’s done something even bigger; it says it’s used smart technology to create “the world’s most advanced, accessible oral care system ever invented.”

Unobrush mouthpiece attachment

According to Unobrush, regular toothbrushes only clean about 40 to 80 percent of your mouth, a problem that is only worsened by people not using dentist-recommended brushing techniques.

With that in mind, the company has designed the Kickstarter-backed Unobrush, which it says can reach 99.9 percent of teeth in a startlingly fast six seconds. Unobrush says its device is as effective or more effective than a traditional toothbrush that’s being used correctly, citing studies from the British Medical Journal and the Cardiff University School of Dentistry that back this up.

Unobrush teeth cleaning

To achieve a thorough cleaning, Unobrush has incorporated an ergonomic mouthpiece, patent-pending 360-degree wrapping ‘UNOfoam technology’ and pulsing sonic vibrations. In particular, the UNOfoam is a medical-grade sponge-like material containing micro-ridges to clean teeth in a criss-cross pattern. Unobrush says this will remove dental plaque while also gently stimulating the gums.

After the six seconds are done, you can just rinse as usual and place the mouthpiece in a docking station, which will use UV light to sanitize and prevent any buildup of harmful bacteria.

Unobrush station

So far, the Unobrush has been making a clean sweep (pun intended) on Kickstarter, generating around $562,500 CAD in funding from 4,870 backers (far surpassing its $20,089 goal) at the time of writing. The funding campaign doesn’t end until November 22nd, either.

Unobrush says the brush is expected to retail for about $218 USD (roughly $288 CAD), although you can snag one for about $142 CAD if you back it before November 22nd. Shipping is free worldwide, including to Canada. The Kickstarter page can be viewed here.

Verdict: Sticky

The company is making some bold claims about the brush, stating that “Unobrush is to dental hygiene what Apple was to mobile phones and Tesla is to the automotive industry.” That seems a little much, but regardless of how you describe it, the Unobrush does certainly seem like a high-quality product.

We all need to maintain oral care, but it’s likely that many of us aren’t doing a good enough job with it. The Unobrush appears to be a great (albeit a tad pricey) solution for this. As always, it’s important to note that crowdfunded projects may not always pan out due to various potential errors, but barring any of that, this doesn’t look like a product you’d want to brush aside.

Note: This post is part of an ongoing series titled Sticky or Not in which staff reporter Bradly Shankar analyzes new and often bizarre gadgets, rating them sticky (good) or not (bad).