iFixit teardown suggests Apple Pencil could become more useful over time

Taking apart the newest Apple Pencil is not for the faint of heart

The online gadget gurus at iFixit recently tore apart the 11-inch iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil and discovered some interesting hardware related to the Apple Pencil.

The new stylus has no entry points, so it’s pretty much unrepairable for the average person.

As iFixit got into the Pencil — using an ultrasonic blade, no less — it discovered a ribbon cable that wraps all the way around the inside of the Pencil. iFixit speculates that this cable can be used to register where the user taps on the side of the Pencil, not just when.

This seems to suggest that Apple had bigger dreams for the new pencil, but the dream either didn’t pay off, or Apple is holding something back for a future update of some sort.

Either way, it would be incredibly useful to add a few more actions to the Pencil, especially since pros seem to be looking for ways to add more efficiency tweaks to the restrictive iOS.

Source: iFixit