Crave may add 4K streaming support in the ‘near future’

Video quality would depend on selected content, internet connection and the device

Following a revamp and the addition of new features like content downloads, Bell Media’s Crave streaming app may soon get 4K streaming.

Crave’s Twitter support account (@CraveHelp) replied to another Twitter user, Ramin Bourne (@RaminBourne), regarding support for 4K streaming.

According to Crave’s tweet, the service will implement an option to stream content in 4K in the “near future.”

Further, the company said that the video quality would depend on content, internet connection and device.

While Crave didn’t mention it in its tweet, likely a 4K streaming option would follow the Netflix pricing strategy and cost more.

Currently, Crave has two pricing tiers. A $9.99 CAD per month base tier gives subscribers access to original Crave content, current Showtime programming and select HBO shows. A $19.98 offers subscribers access to Crave, Movies and HBO’s current lineup of TV and movie content.

A 4K streaming cost would likely fit in that structure somewhere.

Overall, it’s great to see Bell Media working to improve Crave with more options for streaming content and quality. 4K will make an excellent addition to the service.

Source: Bell (@CraveHelp) Via: iPhone in Canada