People are going to have sex in driverless cars, says study

A brave new world is almost upon us

A new study called the Autonomous vehicles and the future of urban tourism explains how driverless taxis might become the new hotspot for having sex on the go.

I’m no expert like the U.K.-based hospitality researches who published this paper, but it seems like the mile-high club might be getting some competition from the bedroom rodeo on the road.

The researchers foresee a world where taxi companies invest more in the interiors of their cars since they don’t have to pay for drivers. These investments will feature items like massage chairs, bedding and more spacious interiors.

I know what your thinking — that sounds like a great place to catch a few minutes of shut-eye, but you’d be wrong, according to this study. In the words of the study’s co-authour Scott Cohen, they’re “a fleet of rolling love dens.”

There are even worse proposals than people fornicating in the fast lane. The researchers worry that people will also use these mobile rooms to sell drugs or other illegal goods.

Overall the report introduces a number of issues that might pop-up when driverless cars roam the streets, so hopefully we can look aheada nd try to prevent as many of them as possible.

You can download and read the whole report here.