Samsung showcases futuristic dashboard that controls more than your car

Samsun is playing a long game with its in-car entertainment system

Samsung press conference

Samsung has been a behind the scenes player in the automotive technology space for a while with its Harman brand, and now it’s emerging from the shadows with a car dashboard concept that looks like it was pulled straight out of the future.

The concept is called a ‘digital cockpit,’ according to the Wall Street Journal, and it’s designed to control IoT devices in your home and car, be a web browser and more.

According to the report, the concept is still a few years away and won’t be added to production cars until at least 2020 to 2021.

The idea is to give drivers something to do when cars can drive themselves, according to the Wall Street Journal’s report. 

Samsung is strategically placing itself ahead of the curve by building an interface for self-driving cars instead of one designed for drivers, like CarPlay or Android Auto.

Other major tech players are partnering with large automotive groups like the Volkswagen and the Renault-Mitsubishi-Nissan alliance to help build modern infotainment units or prepare for connected cars, but Samsung’s approach is different.

The Korean giant is looking forward and not competing in what might end up being a meaningless market if self-driving cars take over the roads in a few years.

Source: The Wall Street Journal