Toronto made $143 million advertising itself to be Amazon’s HQ2 location

Amazon or not, Toronto is still a great place to start a business

City of Toronto sign

Toronto Mayor John Tory tweeted out Tuesday that the City of Toronto has made $143 million in advertising value equivalences since it was selling itself to be the home of Amazon’s HQ2.

Toronto was one of the 20 finalists selected to become the home of Amazon’s second headquarters, but it was recently beat out of the runnings by the winning cities of Arlington, West Virginia and New York City, New York.

Since Toronto published its HQ2 bid book, it’s been downloaded “17,000 times around the world by people considering Toronto as the place to locate or grow their businesses,” reads Tory’s statement on Twitter.

Even though Toronto didn’t get chosen to be the Canadian face of Amazon, it seems to have made out pretty well, all things considered.

Tory even mentions that Toronto Global is still in talks with Amazon to look for follow-up opportunities.

Source: Twitter