A first look at Canadian developed mobile Gears of War spinoff ‘Gears Pop!’

Gears + Funko Pop + Clash Royale, makes this game look pretty fun

During Microsoft’s 2018 E3 presentation, the company announced that the next Gears of War game is being developed for mobile in collaboration with the collectible toy company Funko Pop.

Funko Pop is known for partnering with pop culture’s most prominent brands and making collectible figurines of well know characters.

The partnership with Microsoft goes beyond figures and instead takes the unique Funko Pop character syle — comically large heads and somewhat childish features — and combines it with gameplay elements from Gears and some popular mobile games.

The developers from the Vancouver-based The Coalition, the studio behind the most recent Gears of War games, recently showed off some gameplay from Gears Pop!

The game looks similar to Clash Royale, but it uses more of a cover system. As players move up the field they stop and get behind cover if they’re under attack.

The objective of the game is to use your custom deck of characters to rush the enemy’s three outposts and take them out.

While this game might not be for everyone, it can ideally hold Gears fans over until the XCOM like turn-based strategy game Gears Tactics launches on PC.

Gears Pop! is currently available in a soft-launch in specific countries, with the game’s full launch is expected sometime in 2019.

Source: Youtube