Second-gen Google Glass Enterprise Edition gains FCC certification

A new version of Google Glass might arrive sometime in 2019

Google looks to be working on another Google Glass wearable.

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently approved a rough sketch of an upcoming smart glasses, spotted by 9to5Google. 

The FCC documents don’t reveal very much about the ‘Glass Enterprise Edition 2’ device, though it’s clear that this will be a new Google Glass Enterprise Edition, as it indicates on the document.

The image shows that the second generation Google Glass will feature a power button on the back and the same hinge mechanism that allows the wearable to fold. Additionally, Google will also put the Glass logo on the side.

9to5 reported  that a source told the publication that the glasses will feature improved battery life and performance, alongside new unannounced functionalities.

The source reportedly told 9to5Google that Google wants to launch the second generation enterprise edition sometime in 2019.

Source: FCC Via: 9to5Google