Samsung unveils new Exynos 9820 processor with AI capabilities

The 9820 includes a built-in neural processing unit (NPU) that can recognize scenes and objects with the camera

Samsung Exynos 9820

Samsung unveiled the newest member of the Exynos processor family, the 9820, with the company’s first neural processing unit (NPU).

The South Korean electronics giant is following the AI trend set out by competitors like Apple and Huawei. Similar to its competitors, Samsung says its NPU can recognize scenes and objects through your phone’s camera and adjust settings to take better photos.

Additionally, the NPU will help power AR and VR applications.

Along with an NPU, Samsung built the 9820 on 8nm technology, resulting in impressive efficiency and power gains over its predecessor.

Notably, the 9820 brings a 15 percent improvement in multi-core performance as well as a 40 percent increase in power efficiency.

While performance gains are important, the 9820 has some new tricks as well. For one, it allows devices to shoot 8K video. The chipset also supports UFS 3.0 storage, meaning apps should launch quicker and files load faster.

Finally, the 9820 also features an enhanced modem, boasting 2.0Gbps speeds compared to the previous generation’s 1.2Gbps speed. Despite the speedy potential of the chip, it’s not 5G ready.

Samsung expects the 9820 will enter mass production by the end of 2018. This could mean it’ll be in the company’s upcoming Galaxy S10 flagship. It could also power some AI features in the company’s forthcoming folding phone.

Source: Samsung Via: The Next Web