Crosley is making retro stereos that play cassette tapes

WTF is a cassette tape?

Music hardware manufacturer Crosley has started selling two new tape players designed for retro music enthusiasts.

Crosley makes a wide range of turntables, but the company is most known for making budget-level record players. Each of the new tape players come with one mono speaker, a single-direction tape deck, an AM/FM radio and a mic.

The cheaper CT100 model includes an SD card slot and a USB-A port, allowing users to play music from digital sources. The larger CT200 features knobs for adjusting the treble and bass, as well as a VU meter to help record audio from the mic.

There isn’t much information available the devices yet, but anyone who’s a vaporwave fan, or has a collection of old tapes at home, will likely be excited that a new tape player is hitting the market.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Crosley to find out Canadian availability.

The CT100 costs $60 USD (roughly, $79 CAD) and the CT200 is a little bit more expensive, coming in at $70 USD (roughly, $92 CAD).

Source: TechCrunch