Chromecast can soon be added to Google Home multi-room speaker group

Google is making it easier to use your TV in a multi-room audio setup

Creating a Google Home audio group is an easy way to add multi-room audio to your house.

Now, with the addition of Chromecast integration, you can add your TV speakers to audio groups too.

Before this update, only Google Cast speakers and Chromecast audio devices could be used in an audio group, leaving out televisions, which in some cases could be the best speaker in your home.

To make this feature work, you’ll need to join the preview program through the Google Home app. To do this, you need to enroll in the preview program through the Chromecast’s settings page.

Google only accepts members for the preview program in waves. This means that if the option isn’t there, you’ll then need to try and join another time.

If you’re already a member, or if you are lucky enough to enter the program, you can play multi-room audio with your TV by adding it to an audio group.

When you play multi-room audio, the TV doesn’t display the regular ‘Now Playing’ screen, but rather the display’s ‘Ambient Mode’ with a smaller Now Playing icon displaying the song’s cover art in the bottom left-hand corner, according to XDA Developers.

It’s unclear if this means that Cast TVs or Chromecast-enabled TVs will be getting multi-room audio support as well, but MobileSyrup has reached out to Google for clarification.

Source: XDA Developers