Remote access will allow police to drive stolen vehicles

Fredericton police car

A Dutch police force has performed a series of experiments to see what will be possible once self-driving and connected cars become more common.

The police force tested several vehicles from various manufacturers, including Tesla, Toyota, Audi and Mercedes.

Although the technology isn’t there yet, police are exploring to see how the technology could help them retrieve stolen vehicles.

Most cars already have remote kill blocks to stop stolen vehicles, but with modern advances, law enforcement is closer than ever to being able to remotely take over a car and drive it to a safe space.

Hans Schönfeld, chief innovation officer with the Dutch police force, predicts that it will take around ten years for self-driving cars to become the norm in the Netherlands, but he thinks connected cars will arrive much sooner, reports The Next Web.

Further, Schönfeld mentions that being able to look at the car’s chip and determine how fast a driver was travelling before a crash, can make it much easier to differentiate between a manslaughter case and an accident, according to the report.

Source: The Next Web