Tesla’s app may soon be able to contact roadside assistance

Tesla might be adding a killer feature to its mobile app

Telsa seems to be taking another step in the right direction regarding its customer service offerings, with CEO Elon Musk tweeting that the company is bringing road-side service requests to its mobile app.

This news is based on the tweet and the follow-ups to it, but it seems like the functionality is incoming.

The tweet mentions that service will be for “top issues,” with Electrek’s reporting that this refers to problems that don’t require the car to be towed.

This is a logical step for Tesla since the company recently launched an online portal for requesting service and scheduling maintenance appointments.

Musk is already looking past the perspective app update, to helping out drivers whose cars can’t be fixed by the roadside assistance team. He mentions that in an ideal situation, when a vehicle breaks down or gets into an accident, the Tesla assistance team will show up with a “top-of-the-line service loaner.”

Finally, Musk said that the vehicles status and repair ETA could also be included in the app, making it easier for the driver to track the status of their car.

One Twitter user called out Musk, asking if loaner cars are actually practical. Musk responds that this strategy would work in major metropolitan areas, but not everywhere.

Source: Twitter Via: Electrek