Google’s next gen Android TV dongle is shipping out to developers

The next update for Android TV is finally on the horizon

Google’s developer Twitter account has shared that the upcoming ADT-2 Android TV dongle is shipping out to devs soon.

The tweet specifies that developers who applied for the device at I/O in May should have their new dongle in a few weeks.

At I/O, Google announced a renewed focus on Android TV, but since then the public has seen minimal changes in the operating system, with most users stuck with versions below Android8 8.0.

Only a handful of devices are running the new OS, including the Nvidia Sheild TV, and some high-end Sony and Sharp TVs, according to the Android TV website. 

This is an exciting update for anyone that already has an Android TV since the current interface is beginning to look a bit dated next to Google’s refreshed Material Design apps.

Ideally once this little dongle ships out to more developers, we’ll start to see more devices hit the market — and if we’re lucky, we’ll see existing Android TVs get updated too.

Image credit: Twitter (@AndroidDev)

Source: 9to5Google